Pastor Steven grew up in “The Church '' and spent his 2nd through 12th grades in Catholic school.  Active as an altar boy, choir, cantor, and even eventually adult religious education instructor.  This was his life even after having a transforming experience that Steven will now acknowledge was being born again in late 2004 at the age of 19.  Steven pursued a course that would lead him to the feet of a priest who refused to allow him to go to seminary because Steven “was called to married life.”  Nearly a year later that same priest would perform the wedding of Angela and Steven.  For years they would search for a church that would appease Angela’s Baptist roots and Steven's catholic upbringing.  This led them to serve as youth ministers for the Salvation Army for a season then later a local youth program in Lockport.  It is at this stage that Steven truly starts to become free of much of his catholic constraints leading them to a local church in Lockport.  It was here where they served as leaders and Steven began to apprentice in that church.  With the training and support of the local church and the prompting of Angela, Steven started attending Bible college.

In the summer of 2017 Steven graduated from Nation 2 Nation Christian University, with the support of a small group of men and women we began the journey of planting Fig Tree Fellowship.  With the prompting of the Holy Spirit, the plan and direction of the church became clear.  That plan is to free men and women from the bondage of addiction while also giving them the freedom that comes with the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In the fall of 2018, Fig Tree was established at 50 Locust Street.  This location has allowed us to open the doors to other addiction support organizations as well as allow for outreach service and community engagement.  In 2022 we moved into our new church home at Lockview Plaza, 21 Main St, Lockport, NY Suite G-4

In early 2019, Angela began her journey towards fulfilling her dream of becoming a pastor.  With the approval of the elders, Angela began attending the Christian Leaders Institute as well as taking on the mantle of Spiritual Development for the Fig Tree community.  In late 2020, Angela has taken on the role of Spiritual Development Pastor.​​​​​​​

With the combined skill, courage, and dedication both Pastor Steven and Pastor Angela along with their son Gideon intend to lead Fig Tree into an amazing future, as they are led by the Holy Spirit, with the goal of transforming Lockport for Christ.